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We are building news and informational content media slowly but surely on this site. Our primary goal is to bring education and awareness in hopes you can take action in your communities. Thank you for your patience and support. Make sure you subscribe to our Youtube Channel for the latest updates. Click here Emend The Mass Media Group Youtube

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They Cloned Tyrone Review


U. Glass/ K. Mims

Warning, some spoilers. Jamie Foxx (Slick Charles) does an excellent job along with co-leads John Boyega (Fontaine) and Teyonah Parris (Yo-Yo) in this Comedy, Mystery with appearances by David Alan Grier (The Preacher) ,Kiefer Sutherland (Actor) and J. Alphonse Nicholson (Issac). Full cast list Emend The Mass Media Group did a further breakdown of the film. After listening to the review, is about the culture or just more played out stereotyping?

They Cloned Tyrone

New Reparations Ideas Include Senior Housing, Legal Assistance and a “Black Card” for Local Discounts


By D.Crumdey

CA Reparations Task Force

Picture by Cal Matters

After meeting on June 1, 2021, the San Francisco African American Reparations Advisory Committee (AARAC) released its final recommendations to the Board of Supervisors, Mayor London Breed, the Human Rights Commission And the public on July 7, 2023. San Francisco Reparations Plan

With much anticipation, the final plan, now 400 pages up from 60 pages of the draft delivered in December 2022, the Final Recommendations has notable changes. Examples: “participants have only to prove one harm to be eligible” see page 32 of the San Francisco Reparations Plan for a complete list of harms. Another change is to "qualify for reparations, applicants must meet the criteria the board recently amended in part with language in the California Task Force to Study and Develop Reparations Proposal for African American (CRTF)”. On page 606 of the CRTF Final Report the Task Force voted to recommend that the “community of eligibility” for reparations be “based on lineage, determined by an individual being a Black descendant of a chattel enslaved person or descendant of a free Black person living in the United States prior to the end of other 19th century.

On page 32 of the eligibility list, also includes “or” person who has identified as Black/African American on public documents for at least 10 years, must be 18 years or older and Born in/or migrated to San Francisco before 2006 and has proof of residency in San Francisco for at least 10 years.

Another note worthy change is the decrease of resources from $50 million that Supervisor Shamann Walton advocated for in March to $4 million. According to a “June 5 San Francisco Budget and Legislative Analyst report,” $1.4 million will be used to create and staff an Office of Reparations to ensure accountability and implementation of AARAC recommendations.

As of this writing Mayor Breed “has not agreed” to allow her administration to spend the money according to mayoral spokesperson Jeff Cretan told the San Francisco Chronicle.

To watch the latest San Francisco Office of Reparations Plan Committee hearing please go to:

San Francisco Office of Reparations Hearing

To listen the latest San Franscico Reparations Plan Draft

San Francisco Reparations Draft

SB-490 Task Force to Study and Develop Reparation Proposals for African Americans.(2023-2024)

July 10, 2023

By K. Mims

The July 5, 2023 hearing scheduled for Senate Bill - 490 authored by Senator Steven Bradford to extend the California Reparations Task Force until July 1, 2024 was canceled unexpectedly by request of the author. This is the last action as of June 29, 2023 in regard to SB-490 at the time of this writeup.

Click here for more information to track SB 40 Image

You can watch the brief discussion here at the Oakland, CA. Task Force Meeting SB 40 Image

Reparations Task Force Releases 1,100 – Page Final Report

July 9, 2023

By D. Crumedy

This past June 29, 2023 was the final in-person, and 16th meeting of the California Reparations Task Force (CRTF) hearing that was ushered into law by Assembly Bill 3121 authored by then assembly member, now Sectary of State, Dr. Shirley Weber. AB3121 was signed into law by Governor Gavin Newsom in 2020.

This final meeting was held at the March Fong Eu building in Sacramento, and according to Keyshawn Davis of The Sacramento Observer, “the building was packed with anticipation and joy when the CRTF released it's 1,100 page Final Report – the first of its kind in American History".

I had the honor of attending each in-person hearing and agree with the above sentiment about the excitement in the room. I stand with Chair Kamilah Moore when she stated that “she urges the public to keep pushing hard for justice and legislative actions to make these Reparations proposals a reality”.

Kamilah Moore
Kamilah Moore at CA Reparations Task Force Hearing, Sacramento, CA   Image by: Twitter @CaliforniaBlac2

The ball is now in community court.

To watch the past California Reparations Hearings you can go here CA Reparations Task Force Hearings Playlist

To listen to the 500 page interim report you can go here CA Reparations 500 page Interim Report

The full 1,000 page CA Reparations Task force Report can be reviewed here CA Reparations Task Force Hearings Playlist


The impacts on the Black American Descendant

Staff Writer, July 8, 2023

Supreme Court NY picture
Image: Kenny Holston/The New York Times

The US Supreme Court on Jun 29, 2023 ruled that affirmative action in school college admissions violates the 14th Amendment in a 6-2 vote in the case Students for Fair Admissions, Inc. v. University of North Carolina.

Students for Fair Admissions, Inc. is headed by Edward Blum who historically "files lawsuits over race based practices." Some of his past cases include:

According to their website, Students for Fair Admissions, Inc. is a nonprofit membership group of more than 20,000 students, parents, and others who believe that racial classifications and preferences in college admissions are unfair, unnecessary, and unconstitutional.

According to a Times article white women have benefited most from Affirmative Action and ironically have been part in dismantling the same system that they have benefited from aka Fisher v. University of Texas.

In 1996, when Proposition 209 in California became law, it prohibited UC and other state entities from using race, ethnicity or sex as criteria in public employment, public contracting and public education.

This would have a substantial impact on the Black student enrollment in the University admissions which faced a 40 percent decrease according to UC California Berkley study. Prop 209 Policy Briefs

Other news outlets like right wing FoxNews suggest Justice Ketanji Jackson gives faulty claimes in affirmative action case Fox News Opinion

And some in the Asian community have been both for and against the ruling NY Times Asian Community and NPR Asian Community

Regardless of what others opinions might be, the banning of affirmative action did have an impact in California in both school admissions as well as the impact of employment and earning potential. You can watch a read of the summary study below.

To read the full UC Berkley study please click here FULL STUDY

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