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REPARATIONS NOW! (THE DOCUMENTARY) (Release date - 6/19/2023).... This ground breaking project tackles the everyday harms that continue to plague those who descend from the system of enslavement in the United States of America. California is the first State and is the first in the nation to officially address the justice claim by creating a 9 member task force to prepare proposals and recommendations to the CA State Legislature. The documentarians travel through out the California State including Weed to San Diego to speak with historians, residents, professors, and every day people. Emend The Mass Media Group is the only media outlet that has covered prior and during the task force hearings. If you want the truth and nothing but the truth. Stay tuned.


RELEASE DATE: 6/19/2023

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We do our best to bring you vital information and programming to inform and impact our community.

Community Call In


Descendants of those who have been impacted by the onging harms of chattle slavery in America continue to redress and advocate for the debt that is owed. COMING SOON!

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This is a special programming segment where the ETM Media Group covers local events and asks questions in the community.

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Bringing you up to date and imperative information locally, domestically and internationally.

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EMEND THE MASS MEDIA GROUP, headquartered in the capital of California (Sacramento), is an online and digital media platform predominately reporting on events and stories within the African American community in California as well as covering national and international events thru the In The Newz segment. Working with ETM Media Group provides a unique and specific reach to viewers who engage and are informed. For production related services please reach out thru our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Our motto is facts over fiction.


Kim M.

Kim K.

Partner, Kim is a long time Producer turned Advocate.

Uumoiya G.

Uumoiya G.

Partner, Multimedia Producer and Director, Advocate

Chris L.

Chris L.

Consultant, Advocate, Political Correspondent

Cee Oh T.

Cee Oh T.

Consultant, Correspondent, Advocate, Boots On The Ground Documentarian

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